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Marketing Research SIG

The field of marketing research is constantly evolving.  To keep up with the constant changes in the marketing research field, the St. Louis Chapter of the American Marketing Association launched the Marketing Research Shared Information Group (SIG) in 2012.  The Marketing Research SIG is an excellent way for anyone who is interested in marketing research to keep up to date with the latest trends in marketing research. 

The Marketing Research SIG has presentations four times a year on the fourth Friday in January, April, July and October.  These presentations are structured to be interactive in order to generate more conversations about the topic being presented.  This interaction creates a dialog which allows the people attending the presentation to discuss their perspective of the topic and how it relates to their organization or their client's organization. These presentations feature a combination of presenters from marketing research agencies and internal marketing research departments of various organizations.

The Marketing Research SIG has a social media presence to facilitate discussion about the presentation and to discuss the latest trends in marketing research.  Join our LinkedIn Group at 'American Marketing Association-St. Louis Research SIG' or use the Twitter hashtag #amastlmr 

For more information about the Marketing Research SIG contact Ken Bentlage at

To view/sign up for SIG events, please click here.

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